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Cannabis Oil Syringes

Cannabis oil syringes

ISPG's cannabis oil syringes are far superior to standard plastic syringes because the glass construction provides ease of use, less waste, a cleaner process, and precision dosage while retaining the quality of the product.

ISPG uses the highest medical grade glass for cannabis oil syringes so that it will not affect the integrity of the cannabis concentrate contained. Due to the nature of cannabis oil, glass syringes are ideal because materials such as plastic can interact with the marijuana terpenes, affecting the quality of the concentrate as well as the supplier's product and reputation.

Our glass syringes also allow for the dispensing of precise amounts of cannabis oil for the consumer to administer the concentrate orally, by process of smoking, or in the use of edibles. As the precise measurability of each dosage is paramount for medical purposes, glass syringes are ideal because the plunger fits tightly into the syringe, allowing all of the product to be used.

Our glass syringes may be filled with several different types of oil concentrates and are available in a variety of sizes including 1cc, 2cc, 5cc, 10cc, 20cc, 30cc, 50cc and 100cc syringes.

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ISPG's cannabis oil syringes are bulk clean ready for use, travel well, and can be stored easily. The all-glass design of our syringes is crucial for safety and cleanliness, and unlike plastic, are heat-resistant.

ISPG offers optional syringe tip cap sealers which protect the contained product when not in use.

We also offers custom printing, allowing suppliers the addition of logos or other customization marks to perfectly fit their needs.

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